What Can You Do?

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Please like our Your Whole Body page and share it with friends. You might be surprised by how many amazing people are fighting this worthwhile fight!

Be Part of Our Campaign

Be a voice for change. Click on this image to download and print. Have someone take your picture holding this sign and email it to info@yourwholebody.org. You may be featured in an upcoming campaign!

Or draw out your favorite YWB graphic on a whiteboard and hold it up. Add your name, add your signature, add the reason why you support this cause. Be creative, be witty, help change the world!


  • Pics look best with light behind the camera.

  • Please do not send selfies.

  • Use a background that is not cluttered: a blank wall, a fence, a tree, closed curtains, sitting on the couch, in front of a campus building, etc.

  • Ask your friends if they'll take their picture, too.

  • If you have more you want to say, you can write it on another paper and tap it to the bottom of the sign.


Talk About Genital Cutting

Talk to your family. Talk to your friends. Post articles. Post graphics from YWB. Peaceful education is the best way to bring an end to this practice. Plant the seeds of change! 


Help to raise awareness by posting these free printable flyers around your campus. Click to download and print.



Share stickers with your friends. Stick them on your folders and notebooks. Stick them anywhere it's legal to stick them! Click on your favorite to purchase!




Leave the YourWholeBody.org and YWB101.org URLs chalked where people will see them. (Make sure it's legal before you chalk!)



Carding on Campus

Order these cards to pass out on campus and stick on bulletin boards. Get helpful tips on how to be most effective! Click the card to purchase!

Don't want to pass cards out? Learn about card dropping!


Start a Club on Campus

Organize a human rights club on campus that promotes the idea of ending genital cutting for all people. Contact us for help getting started (info@yourwholebody.org).