Did You Know?

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Did you know, according to the WHO (2007), approximately 70% of the world's males have intact (not circumcised) penises?

Did you know around half of the newborn males in the U.S. leaving hospitals in the United States have their whole bodies, according to the CDC (2013)?


Did you know the three populations with the highest penile cutting rates are Muslims, Jews, and non-Muslim/non-Jewish Americans?


Did you know the foreskin contains thousands of nerve endings and provides sexual pleasure for males and their partners? The foreskin, or prepuce, has multiple purposes! That's why he's born with it!


Did you know females are also born with foreskin?


Did you know virtually all mammals have some form of foreskin?

Did you know circumcision often causes complications that men don't even recognize as such? These include keratinization (or toughening) of the head of the penis, excessive hair on the penile shaft, skin bridges, painful erections, and more. 


Did you know if you were circumcised, you likely have a ring-shaped scar where your foreskin was removed, as indicated by a shift in color and/or texture on your penile shaft?


Did you know many men who discover the truth about what was done to their bodies at birth wish they had been able to choose for themselves?


Did you know girls have been protected from genital cutting in the United States since 1997, but boys and intersex children are still not protected?