Carding: Tips for Success


Find out when classes start back up after summer break and be ready to greet the incoming freshmen! They will be more eager (and less jaded) than the upperclassmen. 

Find Like Minded Friends to Help

Find an existing club that has a similar mission (a human rights or animal rights club, for example) and ask if you can give a brief talk about your human rights/animal rights (humans are animals too!) cause. Bring a signup sheet for those who are interested in learning more and/or helping you card.


Some schools allow carding by outsiders, while others do not. Public universities are supposed to allow it according to federal court decisions, but some do not follow such rules and others try to limit carding by requiring that you register and limiting where you can stand. More info on the legal issues surrounding carding and what to do if you are stopped can be found on the page Legal Questions About Leafleting.

Note: Many schools within cities provide a flow of students on public sidewalks where they can be reached.