Carding: Smaller Schools

  • Generally you will only have good luck during the class changes. Bring a book or something to entertain yourself with in the library for the slow periods and focus on leafleting 15 minutes before a class gets out until 15 minutes after it has started. Only leaflet students from one direction, either those going to class or those coming from class. The flow will be lighter; resist the urge to try and leaflet all students. If you do try and leaflet everyone in both directions, by the second class change you will be getting students you already saw, and your acceptance rate will plummet once new students see others refusing booklets. If you know of multiple leafleting spots, consider changing spots after two class changes.
  • If the college is REALLY slow, leaflet students in both directions near one specific building or classroom, then move to a different location for the next class change and do the same. Then you can go back to the first (if there isn’t a third option) and start all over again!
  • Positioning from a leafleter who has visited MANY small schools: “For most smaller schools, just about everyone lives on campus. What I do is either look online, or ask students when I arrive where the dorms are. About 15 minutes before a class change, leafleting near the dorms is awesome. If the dorms are all scattered about, chances are at least the classrooms will be bunched together. If this is the case, leaflet as close to the entrances of the buildings as possible. It is important to mix up where you stand.”


  • Parking: Most small private colleges on the east coast do not have outsider parking available. If you are not staying too long, parking in the student lots will most likely be okay. Also, visitor parking permits can usually be obtained from the visitor center or police department. Just say you’re checking out the school and need a pass.