Carding: Campuses & Events

This information speaks specifically to carding on college campuses, however the same principles can be applied anywhere: concerts, festivals (music/vegetarian/earth day, etc.), near high schools or anywhere there will be large, young and/or open minded crowds.

Weekdays are best. If you have a day to dedicate, go for it! 8 AM is usually the first class start time and it slows down around 3 PM. If you only have an hour or two, we recommend lunchtime (11 AM–1 PM) to be able to reach the most students. Some schools, including many community colleges, continue to have a flow of student traffic past 5 PM.

Since many of the larger schools are constantly carded / petitioned by other groups, arriving early generally ensures that you will be the only group on campus and not have to compete for the students’ attention.

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